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UPDATE: After receiving a request to modify the code to ignore .lock files, I have an updated to this post.  I’ve received a request on how to use the Zip Shapefile code I posted last week from ArcGIS. Sorry, I did not set the code up to call directly from ArcGIS but only as an illustration of how it can be done. I have, however, with some minor tweaking, made a version that can added to ArcToolbox.
Since I use python for different tasks, I launch python scripts a variety of ways. Depending on what I am doing, a single script may need to accept parameters from either: Passed in from an ArcGIS Toolbox Tool. Re-occurring default value. Often used in scheduled processes, a nightly backup, for example. A temporary set of values used in an interactive, debugging session. What I often do is make the parameter interpretation flexible to meet my needs.
I just happened to stumble upon an update of a tool to Create Geologic Cross Sections, eXacto Section v. 2.0, that I mentioned in July. Jennifer Carrell at the Illinois Geological Survey wrote this tool. The latest update is from December 8, 2010 and can be downloaded at ESRI’s ArcGIS Resource Center. Our office has used previous versions and finds in very useful in creating cross-sections. I have not tried this latest update.
Sometimes it seems like I could write the data down by long hand faster than ArcMap can copy & paste features from one feature class to another. geeeeezzz. 44.852994-93.55073
In running an automated process, I had a TopoToRaster repeatedly fail on me. The only input theme was a contour theme. The process ran fine when I used the envelope of the contour theme as the output extent but when I changed it to the envelope of a polygon theme, it would bomb. The polygon’s envelope was smaller than the contour theme. ArcCatalog would bomb out without presenting any sort of useful message.
I have been working on updating some data that was published using Arc/Info Workstation Export (.e00) files, converting them to shapefiles, or in the case of annotation, to a geodatabase feature class. While converting some INFO tables, I have received this error: It turns out that Workstation can create export files that contain values that did not fit within their field–I’m guessing that somehow you are actually able to enter invalid values into those fields but I did not confirm that.
Ok, maybe I have been hiding under a rock, but just saw this is a post from James Fee’s Spatially Adjusted blog. ESRI has a public suggestion box called ArcGIS Ideas where users can submit suggestions for ESRI. One thing I like is that it is open for other users to see and comment. Not sure how responsive ESRI will be but at least it gives us a place to vent.
Right before the Users Conference, ESRI has released ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 Service Pack Haven’t had a chance to see what bugs this addresses yet.