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Node Dangles

Workstation Arc/Info

Since the name of the blog is Node Dangles, I get several hits daily from searches on ‘Node Dangles’ and I have no information on node dangles. This post is the first in a series to change that. First let us, by us, I mean ESRI, define what a node dangle is. Their online glossary actually defines a dangling arc, a dangling node is a node (endpoint of an arc) that does the non-connecting mentioned below:
I have been working on updating some data that was published using Arc/Info Workstation Export (.e00) files, converting them to shapefiles, or in the case of annotation, to a geodatabase feature class. While converting some INFO tables, I have received this error: It turns out that Workstation can create export files that contain values that did not fit within their field–I’m guessing that somehow you are actually able to enter invalid values into those fields but I did not confirm that.