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Almost a year ago, I updated ERSI’s Domain Sort code for VB 6 to work with ArcGIS 10. Recently, I had a comment that this Add-In caused ArcCatalog to explode if you had an open OLE connection. When I tested it, it turned out the reports were accurate. I got around to adding in a Try-Catch around the offending chunk of code & it is now better than ever. You can download just the Add-In or the Add-In with source code or get it from ESRI’s ArcGIS Resource Center.
I was working on a project and wanted my own custom mouse cursor and did not easily find a way to make your own in ESRI’s instructions. But, once you know how to do it, it is pretty easy. In Visual Studio, Add a New Item: Add a Cursor File: You can edit your cursor with the editor program in Visual Studio. Once you satisfied with how it looks, make sure that the Build Action on the cursor is ‘Embedded Resource’.
I am working on an data-entry application to edit feature classes that contain several coded-value-domains. The problem with some of the domains, however, is that some entries have been added after the initial creation. So the first 25 entries are in alphabetical order and there are some stragglers at the end that are in the order they were appended. This can be confusing for users–they go to select ‘Milli Vanilli’ and look between ‘Madonna’ and ‘Motley Crue’ but can not find their favorite band there–they have to go to the end of the list to find their selection.
In migrating a toolbar consisting of a button and a couple of tools for use in ArcMap 10, I decided to take advantage of the ease of deployment enabled by add-ins which was introduced in 10.0. So far, I’m loving the functionality. One thing, however, that I have to figure out is that the controls are not instantiated until they are clicked on. One of the results is that the controls, by default, are enabled.
I was working my way through this ESRI Walkthrough: Building custom UI elements using add-ins (ArcObjects .NET 10 SDK). And came across a couple minor errors that I had to correct during the process. First, while implementing the OnClick() code for ZoomToLayer.vb, Visual Studio gave me a ‘Name ‘ArcMap’ is not declared.' error. In the walk-through, they mention that the ArcMap method of your class. For me, however, it appeared under the .
I have been working on some data entry forms that utilize a DataGrid. Using a PostGres Geodatabase that had domains set on several fields, I could not directly bind to the controls on my dialog. So I am going the round-about way of populating my own comboboxes with valid names and displaying within the DataGrid. Having not done this previously, I found this example: Example of how to add controls in data grid VB.
While working on a VB.Net form to query a database that includes an optional date range query, I decided I wanted to display a datetimepicker with a blank value by default and then, if the user sets a date show the date. By default, a datetimepicker can not have a Null date, so I went a’Googling and found this post, .NET Reference: Setting the DateTimePicker to a Blank Value,that had exactly the technique I wanted.