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Node Dangles


I have to often get a table structure for a feature class or table into either a spreadsheet or word processing document. There might be an easy way to do this in ArcGIS 10 but I haven’t found it. So, as is my nature, I decided to roll my own. This is a bare-bones script that iterates through the fields, printing the field name, type, width, and precision. There are three optional features to it:
I was making an edit (adding leading ‘0’s) to a coded-value domain in an SDE database and realized that my edits were changing the order of the rows of my domain. Rows were moved to the bottom of the list when they were edited. So I went through the process of converting my domain back to a table, made my edits in Access and exported the rows to a .dbf in the order I wanted them.
One of the things I had not gotten around to doing in ArcGIS 10 was figure out how to directly manipulate the geometry of a record using the Field Calculator. When I stumbled upon a bug in the way the Extract Values to Points tool handles Null geometries, I figured it was time to figure it out. Setting the X, Y to 0,0 was sufficient for my needs. I set the Parser to Python and the formula was simple once I figured out the syntax:
I have been loading existing raster data into a geodatabase to be included in a new Mosaic Dataset–a very cool and useful addition to ArcGIS 10. The most time-consuming part of the process for the human (at least this human) has been getting the names of the rasters right. Our existing data is organized by tiles with the directory name representing the tile name and then the data within each tile directory having the same name.
Updating some python code from 9.3 that using geoprocessing to 10.0 using arcpy and the first real object I’ve had to change relates to detecting whether or not an index exists on a table. I previously posted code using a 9.3 geoprocessing commands, the core of it being: indexList = gp.listindexes(tablename) for iIndex in indexList: if (iIndex.Name == indexname): return True return False With arcpy, ESRI has gone back to using the Describe methodology.