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Quick & Dirty: REST calls via python

Was sharing a python script with a php developer to illustrate how a couple of requests can be made to an ArcGIS REST endpoint.

Nothing fancy–one gets the data for one record, one gets data for all records, and the final gets the data for the record that intersects a point.

The only thing to note is that the original version that I shared gets a token because the service it uses is secured. I commented out the routine to get a token and just substituted in a blank string and pointed the code at one of esri’s sample services at https://sampleserver6.arcgisonline.com/arcgis/.

The file can be downloaded here.


import requests, urllib, httplib, urllib2, json

serverURL = 'https://sampleserver6.arcgisonline.com/arcgis/'
tokenURL =  serverURL+"tokens/"
phaseQueryURL = serverURL+"rest/services/Census/MapServer/3/query"

#Fields to be aware of:
# PhaseName = Name of the phase, a unique value.
# Status_Date = Date a phase was marked as "Live"
# PhaseStatus = Live, Provisioning, Pending

def makeRequest(inURL,inPayload):
    theRequest = urllib2.Request(url=inURL,data = urllib.urlencode(inPayload))
    theResponse = urllib2.urlopen(theRequest)
    responseString = theResponse.read()
    theJSON = json.loads(responseString)
    return theJSON

def getToken(inUser,inPass):
    inputData = {'username':inUser,'password':inPass, 'f':'json'}
    theJSON = makeRequest(tokenURL,inputData)
    token = theJSON['token']
    return token

def queryAllStates(inToken):
    inputData = { 'where': "1=1", 'f': 'geojson', 'outFields': '*' , 'outSR': 4326, 'token':inToken}
    theJSON = makeRequest(phaseQueryURL,inputData)
    return theJSON

def queryState(inPhase,inToken):
    inputData = { 'where': "STATE_NAME = '{}'".format(inPhase), 'f': 'geojson', 'outFields': '*' , 'outSR': 4326, 'token':inToken}
    theJSON = makeRequest(phaseQueryURL,inputData)
    return theJSON

def findStateForPoint(inX,inY,inToken):
    inputData = {'geometry': { 'x': inX, 'y': inY}, 'geometryType': 'esriGeometryPoint', 'inSR':4326, 'spatialRel':'esriSpatialRelIntersects', 'outFields':'*', 'f': 'json','token':inToken}

    theJSON = makeRequest(phaseQueryURL,inputData)
    return theJSON

username = ""
password = ""

##theToken = getToken(username,password)
theToken = ""

#Attribute Query to get information about one State
stateInfo = queryState('Wisconsin',theToken)

#Attribute Query to get information about all States
statesInfo = queryAllStates(theToken)

#Find phase for a lat-lon
theState = findStateForPoint(-93.280842,44.95531,theToken)