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ESRI Font Samples.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Whenever I want to skim through ESRI’s fonts to find some symbology I need for a specific purpose, I go through some laborious process to skim the fonts searching for an adequate symbol.

However, in the ESRI Mapping Center blog post, user use2b311 post a link to a pre-made pdf showing ESRI Font Samples.pdf (application/pdf Object).

Back when ESRI use to actually print hard-copy manuals, there were similar diagrams available but either I haven’t searched enough of they don’t exist in the digital help systems so I was happy to stumble upon this.

A tangent discovery in checking this out was dropbox, a free (with 2 Gig limit) online file sharing/online backup site–something I’ve had a need for but haven’t gotten around to researching. I have not tried them but may, just to see how well it works.