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Zipping a File Geodatabase using Python

Ever since the ever-popular post, Zipping a shapefile using python, came out, people have been asking (one person, yesterday) for a sample of how to zip a file geodatabase using python.

The key trick, as shown in line 17, is appending the basename of the file geodatabase (‘nfg.gdb/’ in my example) in front of each file as you write it to the zipfile.

UPDATE: WordPress messes with the spacing when I post code, making it difficult to post code that can just be copied & pasted and have work.  So I have posted a the code HERE for downloading.

import os
import zipfile
import glob

infile = "c:/temp/nfg.gdb"
outfile = "c:/temp/nfg.zip"
def zipFileGeodatabase(inFileGeodatabase, newZipFN):
   if not (os.path.exists(inFileGeodatabase)):
      return False

   if (os.path.exists(newZipFN)):

   zipobj = zipfile.ZipFile(newZipFN,'w')

   for infile in glob.glob(inFileGeodatabase+"/*"):
      zipobj.write(infile, os.path.basename(inFileGeodatabase)+"/"+os.path.basename(infile), zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED)
      print ("Zipping: "+infile)


   return True